9PM Football Managers
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  •         Leave everything behind you and build up your Football Club in a whole new way. It’s the one and only mobile game that you play with your real-life effort. Be...

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9PM Football Managers

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Leave everything behind you and bui [详情]

Leave everything behind you and build up your Football Club in a whole new way. It’s the one and only mobile game that you play with your real-life effort. Be the best among all managers Starting from 1986, build up your own Football Club and embarked on your career as a Real Football Manager with 9PM. Design your logo & jersey and then take the first step to begin climbing in the league. Get a Chance to Play in Elite League Every night at 9PM fight with your opponents and take your team to next league levels up-to the Elite League to play with the best managers. Put your stamp on history of the Elite League. Become the most Powerful part of Your Team! Play mini games to complete your daily duty and your footballers will have maximum tactical performance for the match in the evening. But do not forget that you need to get high score as much as you can so that your squad can be well trained. Strengthen your team’s condition by turning your energy into action. On your real daily life, walk as much as you can. If you take enough steps, your footballers’ condition goes up. Thus, your chance to win the game in the evening increases. Get total control of all duties from your Office Visit your Office ever day to get access to 9PM TV and News Paper, Tactical Board, League Fixture, Past Matches and more… Enlarge your Talent Pool You have an experienced scout team who will always find rare talents that are not on the market. Be a Tactical Genius Choose your winning formation and find the right tactic that matches with your squad. Compete with other online users It is an online football manager simulation that you can play only mobile against other users including your real-life friends. Do not forget to add them to your friend list to compete with them on “friendly matches” whenever you and your rival want. Features: Accessibility everywhere and at any time Make the best player transfers Build Stadium and other facilities Identify tactics Analyze statistics Manage facilities Increase your players’ condition by taking more steps Manage your team's football training sessions by playing in mini games Play against your friends Set your own strategies and manage your own Football Club Are you ready, champ?


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