Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) *
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  •         Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) is a famous game in the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia specially in countries. Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) is ...

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Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) *

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Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) is [详情]

Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) is a famous game in the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia specially in countries. Bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) is a checker board game more over like chess where 2 players participate and play this traditional board game. Although this game is more over like the same like checker however some other popular names of game are Sholo Guti, Sixteen Soldiers, Cows and Leopards, Peralikatuma, Permainan Tabal, Alquerque (also known as Qirkat ), Adugo, Fetaix, Komikan, baghchal, Sher-bakar, Zamma ,bagh bakri . The closest relative of this is also some popular abstract strategy games which are played between two players but the only difference is patterns and number of pieces . This game of bead 16- 16 guti is very famous among the rural masses and this is the traditional 16 pawn game played between two players. The game is similar to draughts and Alquerque as players hop over one another's pieces to capture them. This game of 16 guti (sholo guti) needs attention, patience and intelligence as well. One has to be very much tactful while playing this game just like the famous Chess game among the masses. The only real difference between these three closely related games is the number of pieces. In bead 16 – 16 guti (sholo guti), each player has 16 pieces hence the name of the game. In Peralikatuma, each player has 23 pieces. In Kotu Ellima, each player has 24 pieces. This abstract strategy game is also related to the Indonesian game of Permainan Tabal. Popular names of this game in different Countries: Sholo Guti : This name is very famous in Bangladesh and few parts of India Cows and Leopards , bagh bakri,baghchal : This name is famous in India Sixteen Soldiers : Popular in Sri lanka Peralikatuma : Popular in Sri lanka and more over like 16 guti but no. Of pieces differ Kotu Ellima is a two-player abstract strategy board game from Sri Lanka and India. Permainan Tabal is a two-player abstract strategy board game from Indonesia. Alquerque (also known as Qirkat ) is a strategy board game that is thought to have originated in the Middle East. Adugo is a two-player abstract strategy game that comes from the Bororo tribe on the Pantanal region of Brazil. Bouge Shodre also known as Buga-shadara is popular game from Tuva Komikan is a two-player abstract strategy board game of the Mapuches, from Chile and Argentina. Rimau famous in Malaysia played with 24 pieces. 16 Goti or 16 Kati Rules 1. Players decide what colors they choose to play, and who starts first. Players alternate their turns, and only use one piece to either move or capture each turn. 2. Each players pieces are initially set up on the first four ranks of their side of the board. 3. A piece moves one space per turn in any direction following the pattern on the board onto an unoccupied position of the board. 4. A piece can capture an opposition piece in any direction by the short leap as in draughts or Alquerque. The player's piece must be adjacent to the opponents piece, and leap over it onto a vacant point on the other side. 5. If a player does not capture any opposition piece during their turn, but was actually able to do so, then the other player removes that piece that failed. 6. If a player has more than one option to capture, then the player can choose any one (and only one) of them and not more than that 16 Goti or 16 Kati Features : ? Simple UI and Intuitive design ? Single player Vs Second Player - play with Computer ? Smooth animations ? Good game for kids to learn beads 16- 16 guti (sholo guti)strategy ? Play Offline ? 2- Player game offline mode is available ? Perfect family board game ? This is a famous abstract strategy board game. Join us bead 16 - 16 guti (sholo guti) and play this famous abstract strategy game today for Free and remember your childhood time !


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