Bike repairing game – Quad Bike repair shop
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  •         With this unique bike repair and designing game of best mechanic shop, now perform auto repair and assemble your own atv quad bikes without the help of any exte...

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Bike repairing game – Quad Bike repair shop

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With this unique bike repair and de [详情]

With this unique bike repair and designing game of best mechanic shop, now perform auto repair and assemble your own atv quad bikes without the help of any external mechanic. Be a pro mechanic of repair shop for your own fourwheeler bikes. Diagnose the issues with machines and decide the solution, implement your skills and fix the problems at the mechanic hop. Learn from simple bike repairing and motorbikes fixing. Enjoy working with wide range of ATV quad bike service with latest machines and repair shop work. Quadbike Repair shop is filled with tricks, tips and instruction of luxury and sports vehicles, this wonderful ATV quad bike repair simulator shows you how to fix and maintain your fourwheeler using step-by-step instructions, modern repairing machines and garage mechanical services. Hey little mechanics! Learn to do a professional and reliable auto repair work on expensive ATV Quadbikes in Quadbike Repair shop of bike repairing game. First of all get basic training of vehicle technician to learn the repair service on all makes & models of quadbike. After completing initial training open your own garage workshop in the town and provide full services of ATV quad bike, fourwheeler and motorbikes. Find the issues of the quadbikes and be quick, fast & effective in offering repairs and servicing at the garage or even on roadside Little mechanic shop engineers you are invited to bike repairing game salon fun game and tune up old damaged fourwheeler vehicles free of cost. Other services which you will perform as a quad bike repairing mechanic shop owner in this entertaining game include Brake Pad Replacement, Bull Bar Installation, damaged Battery Replacement, audio Player Installation and engine repair. As a mechanic of quad bike repairing shop Change the oil off the fourwheeler bike on time, replace the brake pads if they need to be replaced. Replace the worn out tires. Quad bike repair shop is designed for those who love auto repair work and want to fix the bikes, cars and motorbikes issues by themselves. Quad Bike repair shop is one of amazing bike repairing game. In this fun busting play you do not need to work with heavy tools and machines just a simple set of metric wrenches and Allen keys will allow you to assemble basically the entire bike. Again you can fix each and every part with the latest tools and simple machines available in the quad bike repairing game. Download this thrilling game to become the owner of best garage workshop by repairing all kinds of quadbikes and cars and have unlimited fun time.


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