Coloring Book for Adults: Authentic Coloring Pages
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  •         Welcome to the magical coloring world! There are many of reasons to stay in it: if you dream to be an artist, if you like to paint or just want to relax your mi...

Coloring Book for Adults: Authentic Coloring Pages

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Welcome to the magical coloring wor [详情]

Welcome to the magical coloring world! There are many of reasons to stay in it: if you dream to be an artist, if you like to paint or just want to relax your mind after a long day and relieve the anxiety. This coloring app contains beautiful coloring pages with original and unique drawings. It’s up to you to be creative and imaginative, for everything else we have taken care of – coloring book for free with high-quality mandala coloring pages and colorful photos of animals, flowers, people, vehicles and fantastic patterns. Choose your favorite design among these authentic works, pick a color from a huge variety of colors and beautiful palettes and coloring mania can begin! Coloring drawing is so simple and easy, isn't it? Doesn't matter if you like a coloring book for adults, if you are lovers of a mandala art or prefer lace patterns and other handmade things, humans, or gardens….just tap and color! These amazing paintings are not just for adults, it also can be a game for kids. Children can find here a lot of pictures of animals such as zebra, butterfly, American mouflon or a snake. Boys and girls adore the coloring of cars, trucks, tractors, roses or different buildings such as houses and castles. They can color and learn at the same time. Coloring book 2018 with mandalas offers you a lot of variety such as a choice between easy coloring and complex coloring pages with pixel art and rich patterns. Various categories and effects for different tastes you can also find in this gallery. Play this coloring game anytime and anywhere whether you have wifi or not! Yes! You can color and recolor adult coloring book without internet connection! And most important - there is no hidden costs or subscriptions after free download of this amazing coloring book app. Now you can finally say this is the best coloring book for me! Main features: - Very easy to use; - Tap to pick a color and paint; - Zoom in/out with two fingers; - Personalize color palette – save four favorite colors; - Use pipette as the easiest way to take a wanted color; - Undo and redo option; - Draw lines and make your own sketch; - Add text on your images; - Photo frame options – add unique frames for pictures; - Share your creations with friends and family on social platforms; - Delete all paints by clicking on a basket ; - Repaint option. Color and enjoy! Get rid of your worries with the best colorfit coloring application! In the meantime, check the other our applications by clicking on the button “More Apps”. Share the best apps with your loved ones through popular social networks and tell us how do like them! Prepare a coloring finger turn on imagination and inspiration for new illustrations because thousand color combinations are waiting for you!


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