Cookie Crush Cubes Blast
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  •         Match two or three or more blocks of the same color with NO 5 LIFE SYSTEM to clear the level and collect the toys from where they stuck. But be careful! It is ...

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Cookie Crush Cubes Blast

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Match two or three or more blocks o [详情]

Match two or three or more blocks of the same color with NO 5 LIFE SYSTEM to clear the level and collect the toys from where they stuck. But be careful! It is not that easy to save all the toys while your moves are limited! You will solve puzzle to complete the level playing this super addictive game Cookie Crush Cubes Blast. No more crushing candies, breaking diamonds, crunching cookies or farming. Bust the blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure! Cookie Crush Cubes Blast have 3100 amazing levels to play with unique objective and gameplay, you will have to toy blast all the toys, collect all the wonderful sweet candies and cookies, clear the jelly lollipops and to be careful from the chocolate bonbon that can spread and block you, there is also sugar candy that will wrap around your favorite candies and turn them to sugar. what more can be asked from this excellent game that you must try! Cookie Crush Cubes Blast have wonderful sweet boosters that can reach hard to get places to bring down the toy blast. make match two of 5 to get star shooting rockets that will clear a whole line of fruit jelly. make match three of 7 to get gummy bomb that will pop and blast all the cotton candy sugar around it, make match two of 9 to get special rainbow color bottle remedy filled with cookies that will change random cake color on screen to gummy color. make match of more then 11 to create the jelly splash ball that send splashes to candy on screen and make them pop and blast, it will not toy blast. you can also combine boosts to get a super sugar fruit boosts that clear all the gummy. How to play Cookie Crush Cubes Blast :tap and make match two by matching 2 candy of the same gummy color, matching more then 5 will give you special cookie crush booster. no need to switch and splash just touch the screen and they will match and blast and new candy will fall down, some times boxes will fall down and they cannot be matched so you will have to match donuts near them to make them pop, other obstacles like the chocolate and the cotton candy sugar and many more will be popped and clear once you make a match near them. We made Cookie Crush Cubes Blast very special with features to unlock:rainbow brush will splash and boom all the candy in the area and change them to different sugar rush color. sugar hammer will crush and splash candy and cookie but it cant make toy blast. magic witch saga star wand will cast a spell on a gummy and make it crush and boom chocolate bars and sugar cotton candy can spread and take over your gummy so make sure to make match two near them to make them toy blast.


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