Mini Cars Adventure Racing
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  •         Introducing mini cars racing and driving simulation game which is possibly the best free 3D race car games on car racing tracks at different exciting offroad ...

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Mini Cars Adventure Racing

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Introducing mini cars racing and [详情]

Introducing mini cars racing and driving simulation game which is possibly the best free 3D race car games on car racing tracks at different exciting offroad locations. Now is the time for exciting rivals car racings game and mini adventure extreme tracks offroad racings. Car Racing 3D will pit you against other racers and you must drive into first place using extreme racer controls and reach the finishing line before the other racers mini cars. Rush like a crazy speed stunts master while riding the beautifully designed real impossible car tracks and offroad racing tracks and beat the rival racers in this breathtaking adventure of fast car racing games. Mini Cars Adventure Racing comes with 30 complete new designed, fun packed and challenging levels that will lead you through the offroad mountains, islands, landscapes and absolutely crazy desert tracks! Mini car racing adventure challenges you to unlock our collection of unique mini cars each with their own capabilities to travel across the challenging tracks.In this endless drive and race competition, pick up your car that suits your driving style , fasten your seat belt, speed up and win these furious offroad races. Maximise your vehicles potential by unlocking different upgrades for offroad racing in this 3D race and cars games for free. We want to see you completing offroad driving simulation game laps before your smart rivals in this fast car racing games and mini racing games. So get ready to win the offroad racing and lap challenge. This 3D race game and crazy racing 3D contains several levels consisting of challenging and dangerous tracks, bridges and jumps. Realistic and stunning drums, cylinders, fences, traffic cones and other barriers are placed in this mini car racing games. Your goal in this offroad racing and 3D race is to successfully complete racing laps among your rival racers in the shortest possible time using smooth racer controls. Beat the clock to get the fastest lap time in this awesome race car game! The need for astonishing speed allows you to dominate on racing tracks and shows other players where is their place in this car games for boys. With multiple mini car upgrades and the smoothest racer car controls ever, this racing games 3D and 3D race competition is sure to keep you addicted for hours. In this driving simulation game and mini car racing game, explore new racing tracks and keep practicing to master the racing challenges. Avoid obstacles, find your way after a collision using smart AI. With mid-air jumps, collisions, hitting objects, enjoy precise handling, precise turn arounds, auto reverse and respawning your mini cars in this amazing 3D race and adventure racing game. Buckle up as it's going to be a bumpy ride! Features of Mini Cars Adventure Racing: ? Multiple racing tracks and mini cars to chose from ? Multiple levels to satisfy your racing needs ? Realtime multiplayer races versus other racers ? Smooth and realistic physics and car controls ? Narrow and sharp road turns for extreme driving ? Breathtaking 3D environments & 3D visuals and graphics ? Narrow ramps and extreme hurdles to cross. ? Intelligent A.I racing car driving? ? Best car games for free & a non wifi game Sign up for various types of races to win tournaments and gradually work your way up the rankings and test your nerves. Mini Cars Adventure Racing will be updated constantly! Support and Feedback: Your Feedback's and ratings are Important for us to keep GamePixelStudio busy in creating more fun in the games to engage you, your family and your friends. In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soon as possible. Please try our other games by clicking More from Developer or by visiting our publisher account.


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