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  •         They came from far across the universe. A clash of worlds. A dying ancient species, their DNA breaking down. Our planet is there last hope. They need the DNA of...



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They came from far across the unive [详情]

They came from far across the universe. A clash of worlds. A dying ancient species, their DNA breaking down. Our planet is there last hope. They need the DNA of other species to survive, they move from planet to planet, taking all living beings and extracting their DNA to sustain themselves leaving a barren world behind. Is this the future of our planet? Not on my watch! Join the fight, save all species, save the planet. Our scientists have created the NeoArk, a modern-day Ark for all of our planet's species, located in a worm hole to hide it from the invaders. You’re a pilot in the NeoArk Defence Force. In this action-packed endless shooter, you must take the fight the invaders. Build up your hangar with a variety of more powerful ships. Upgrade your ships to their maximum to fight the enemy. Destroy UFOs, gun and missile turrets and stasis generators to rescue our planet's animals. Learn to Master Slo-Mo to help target the enemy and traverse obstacles. *4 varied levels of shooting, missile launching, bomb dropping action *10 different ships, each more powerful. (Our scientists are building bigger and better ships for the future) *3 Gun types: machine guns, lasers and photons - 9 gun levels *3 Missile types: standard straight missile, heat seeking missile and double damage heat seeking missile *3 Bomb types: standard, scatter and radial *Call Airstrikes to destroy everything on screen! *Many upgrades for the ships weapons *Upgrade gun fire rate to fire more bullets – Essential upgrade! *Upgrade Gun, Missile and Bomb capacity to fire more and for longer *Coin magnet and Coin x2 multiplier *Slo-Mo: Our scientists have created a slow-motion device which allows our pilots to slow down time to help target and destroy the enemies and get past enemy obstacles *Complete challenges to earn stars. Earn enough stars to Rank up. Can you become General? *24 types of animals to rescue. Scientist are working on locating more of our planet's species to rescue and place in the NeoArk *Endless shooter, how far can you go on all levels? * Classic retro arcade style action inspired by old school shoot ’em ups, fused with modern style and design. *Play NeoArk with just the Guns or learn the Slo-Mo for a more in-depth, challenging experience Welcome to NeoArk! This app contains In-App Purchases which allow you to buy Coin currency which can be spent on upgrades and accessories. Coins can also be collected in game without requiring purchase. Coins and upgrades can be collected by watching video advertisements in various parts of the game. This game contains advertising. Advertising is disabled if you make any purchase. Video Rewards will still be available. Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: @ElementZeroStudios Youtube: Check us out on: Have some feedback for us? Contact us here: [email protected]

开发者:Element Zero Studios Limited

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