Nina - My Best Friend*
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  •         Embrace your new talking friend in one of the cutest talking games and soon she will become the best talking friend ever! Download Nina - My best friend - app f...

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Nina - My Best Friend*

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Embrace your new talking friend in [详情]

Embrace your new talking friend in one of the cutest talking games and soon she will become the best talking friend ever! Download Nina - My best friend - app for free and enjoy the greatest BFF game! Nina - My best friend is much more than just a regular virtual friend. She will instantly win your heart because she is the most impressive talking friend of all talking friends games. Have some amazing time taking care of your new virtual BFF. Play with your talking girl any time you want and she will keep you company wherever you go. Don’t let your talking BFF be sad. Bathe Nina, wash her teeth, feed her when you see that she is hungry. Take your best friend to the bedroom and turn off the light when you see that she is sleepy. After having a sleep your talking girl Nina will become more energetic and ready for new challenges. Besides our great virtual pet games like talking cat Sofy and talking dog Molly, now you can enjoy playing with a talking girl - Nina - My Best Friend. NINA - MY BEST FRIEND HAS AMAZING FEATURES: Look after your stunning talking friend Nina Use your creativity. Create your own talking girl Get a new fabulous room design Dress her up with many style options Use some fantastic makeup that will make your BFF Nina even more beautiful; Notice luxurious food your virtual friend can eat Play over 10 MINI GAMES Earn coins and have some fun. Nina - My Best Friend app is a perfect combination of friendship app and dress up games and it is great for all people who adore fashion. Talking friend Nina wants to be pretty and trendy all the time. So, buy her some new clothes using coins that you have earned. Be creative and make your BFF Nina attractive and cheerful. Choose some great hairstyles, sunglasses, skin color and eye color and your BFF will be the coolest diva of all time. Nina - My Best Friend is a great choice if you are looking for talking friends games for kids that will provide hours of entertainment. We have made this free friendship app so it can be one of your favorite games for girls but also it can be interesting game for boys. So wait no more! Even if you are not a fan of virtual talking games you will definitely love this talking girls game! We have prepared for you fantastic mini games. Play mini games, earn some coins and surprise your talking friend. You can always use coins to get some delicious portions of food that will boost the energy and feed your talking girl. Play with your new fabulous virtual friend Nina - My Best friend and start a real talking friends games adventure with this awesome girl!


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