Oddbods Hot & Cold Hidden Object VR Game
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  •         Discover the wonderful world of Oddbods! Play a game of Hot and Cold with the Oddbods in their world and find the hidden objects in Virtual Reality! If you lov...

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Oddbods Hot & Cold Hidden Object VR Game

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Discover the wonderful world of Odd [详情]

Discover the wonderful world of Oddbods! Play a game of Hot and Cold with the Oddbods in their world and find the hidden objects in Virtual Reality! If you love hidden objects games, puzzles and questions, Oddbods Hot and Cold VR is the game for you! Go on an adventure and have an incredibly fun and immersive Virtual Reality experience. Play this Hot or Cold Virtual Reality game with your Oddbods friends Pogo, Fuse, Newt, Slick, Bubbles, Jeff, and Zee! Do you have a special talent for finding lost things? This Virtual Reality game puts you in charge of finding the Oddbods’ objects hidden throughout their rooms. Get warmer! Warm up by getting closer and closer to the objects by following the Hot and Cold screen meter. The screen color on the edges tells you whether you’re Hot or Cold. Discover many surprises in this hidden object adventure with the Oddbods! How to Play: - It is simple and fun! Look towards the floor slightly and you will walk. The Foot Print pointer on the screen will be indicate your movement direction. -The objective in each level is to find the items on your list (located on the upper part of your screen) in each room before your time runs out. If going up against the clock does not appeal to you, you can choose the Easy mode which allows you to take your time! -Focus on the hidden item with the cursor to obtain the item. -Hot means you are getting closer to a hidden object. Cold means you are moving away from a hidden object. ? Caution: This game is very addicting, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! ? Completely free and fun for boys and girls of all ages! ? Put your skills to the test and with hours of fun. ? Incredibly detailed 3D environments of the Oddbods homes ?Easy and intuitive controls A chance to find yourself in the world of your favorite Oddbods friends! In each level the player has to find 3 to 7 objects within the time limit. We made this game for all the Oddbods fans and Hidden Object game lovers around the world. Thank you for playing Oddbods Hot and Cold VR. You are the best! Don't forget to rate the game! What's Google Cardboard? Cardboard is a super low cost, easy-to-get virtual reality viewer that transforms a smartphone into a basic VR headset. Learn more about Google Cardboard at g.co/cardboard. Buy or build your own Cardboard at https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/get-cardboard.html.


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