One Wheel Bike Stunts
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  •         Do you love doing crazy one wheel stunts on dangerous tracks? If yes then it's your time to ride single wheel ride as a real bike rider in this One Wheel Bike S...

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One Wheel Bike Stunts

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Do you love doing crazy one wheel s [详情]

Do you love doing crazy one wheel stunts on dangerous tracks? If yes then it's your time to ride single wheel ride as a real bike rider in this One Wheel Bike Stunts. Get ready for thrilling bike adventure. Race your unique wheel bike to sky limits for extreme bike riding experience. This game offers single wheel freestyle stunts that include ramp jumps, air stunt, skater stunts and spectacular bike tricks on impossible paths. Take control of your one wheeler and park the bike on finishing point by crossing all twisted tracks. You may have play other stunts bike games but here you can experience real unique wheeling experience on impossible tracks by performing extreme stunts. The narrow tracks for single wheel riding are build upon snow, desert and jungle environments. This is a new One Wheel Bike Stunts Game in which you will drive bike across world's impossible tracks. As a stuntman rider show one wheel racer skills on sky high ramps. Be the king of unique wheeler bike by showing daredevil biker stunts skills. Gameplay: One Wheel Bike Stunts is exciting game with action gameplay where you play as stuntman to ride single wheel bike and perform different stunts on different environment ramps. It takes someone who dare to ride one wheel bike fearless and flawless. This is an amazing game with different tricky snowiest, desert and jungle modes to play with. Enjoy the realistic atmosphere and smooth controls to play with, show what you really are and say shut up to your fear. Become the best unique wheeler driver and the best stunt man on these difficult conditions. Different missions are available you have to complete it very carefully any mistake will takes you to lose the game. Grip tightly while performing the dangerous stunts and avoid from the zigzag tracks otherwise these tracks will crash your one wheel bike. To master bike tricks on the zigzag roads you need to ride slow with accuracy. Different dangerous hurdles and ramps are ready to check your driving skills. Reaches towards your goal safe and on time helps you to make more score. Improve your driving techniques and perform thrilling stunts on dangerous tracks. Key Features: ? Play as one wheel bike rider and perform tricky stunts ? Realistic driving physics for sports bike ? Challenging missions with dangerous hurdles ? Breathtaking views of snow and desert mountain from sky


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