Online Mindi Multiplayer Mindi Cote
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  •         Mindi is a fun trick taking card game hailing from India, where it is quite popular. It is a mind blowing Indian card game. Card games are very popular everywh...

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Online Mindi Multiplayer  Mindi Cote

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Mindi is a fun trick taking card g [详情]

Mindi is a fun trick taking card game hailing from India, where it is quite popular. It is a mind blowing Indian card game. Card games are very popular everywhere. People enjoy them as they just kill boredom. It is also known as Mindicote, MindiKot, Mendhi Coat, Mindi Multiplayer, Mindi Cote, Mendicot, Dehla Pakad (means "Collect the tens")! A slight variation of Mindi is also known as Coat piece. Mindi is considered to be a game for smart people and needs some strategy to win it. Mindi is the traditional, time passing game in India. People of India love to play Mindi for countless hours with their Family & Friends. You might have played many card games but there is nothing like Mindi. Features: # Extreme User Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface. # Play With Your Friends: Locate your friends and join their table with a simple click of a button. # Play using WiFi with friends # Cross-platform user friendly # Must play with AI. We have developed best with AI. # Play On Table: World's only 1 game which provides you features to play on your Favourite Table! # Private Table: Create Private Tables and play with only invited players. # Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun. # Works fast even on the slow Internet: Works smoothly on slow Internet connection even like 2G. # Two game modes- Hide Mode & Cut Mode. # Play as Guest or with Facebook Friends. # Rules of the game explained in great detail in the ‘Help’ section. # Excellent graphics, optimized to run on all devices. How to Play: # Mindi is a team game, It requires 2 teams(2 persons in each team) to start new game. The person who seat on your opposite side will become your team member(Partner). # The game will be played with standard two 52 card deck. # Out of 104 cards we have removed 52 cards (8 cards of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 4 cards of 8). # The playing 52 cards are 4 cards of 8 and 8 cards of 9, 10, J, Q, K & A. # On game startup, All player will get 13 cards. The winner of the turn selection round will hide one card as Supreme color card. # Everybody will play one card when their turn comes. The person who played the highest card will win that hand and will take 1st turn on next round. # If there are two Ace(or King/Queen/Jack) in played trick then a person who played the last Ace will win that hand. # While playing trick everybody must have to follow the same suit. # If you don't have a card of playing suit & Supreme color is not declared, the winner of turn selection round will open Supreme color card and everyone will know about supreme color sign. # Download and play to know more in details, and show off your skills In this mindi game trump draws as in ramey game point to trick-taking card game in briscola. Mindi is Indian card game to be played card table and rummycircle with many plate of mind and aces & kings, thinking a bit is best objective solution on card and table to do card trick on cards deck. You can play with deck of cards to make fun card game with so much of high low card game as in indian rummy. In this kings and queens played with original rummy palyed with people strategy on trump card. This is a multiplayer card game as rami & tinpati. This is a family card game to call it right card game to make dumb trump. It is a free multiplayer game like real-time multiplayer with online opponents, this is best teenpatti in web games included as top card games in the crossing as if you can do mehndi offline with free multiplayer and play mehndi offline as offline spades in card multiplayer card game and doing gambler tricks with poker card games as in original rummy in this mindi card games in circle rummy. Download mendicot game online and give us a review.


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