Raja Rani Chor Police
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  •         Remember playing the popular game of “Raja Rani Chor Police”. Experience the same fun now on your mobile phone with this game Raja Rani Chor Police “Raja Rani...

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Raja Rani Chor Police

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Remember playing the popular game o [详情]

Remember playing the popular game of “Raja Rani Chor Police”. Experience the same fun now on your mobile phone with this game Raja Rani Chor Police “Raja Rani Chor Police” is a typical guessing game where 4 players act as different characters viz. Raja (The King), Rani (The Queen), Chor (The Thief) and Police (The Cop). The character allotment is done randomly and is entirely luck-based. The allotment is to be kept a secret for everyone except the police. The police (cop) has to reveal his/her identity and then go ahead and identify the chor (thief) out of the remaining 3 people. If it is identified correctly, the police (cop) gets a point, else the chor (thief) gets a point. You will love playing this guessing game where there is bluff between players adding extra fun. There is a different scoring pattern for all characters. The game can have different number of rounds and after all rounds are finished, the user with the highest number of total points is winner. The “Raja Rani Chor Police” game can be played against humans or against a computer. It can be played by a maximum of 6 characters in which case two more characters “Mantri” (Minister) and “Senapati” (Commander) are added. ******************************** GAME FEATURES ******************************** Are you excited to try it out? Still wondering what makes this game the best version of the classic “Raja Rani Chor Police” game of our childhood? Here are features that make this game incredible - ? Can be played against a computer ? Multiple users can play on their own phones or all on the same phone ? Two more characters naming Mantri and Senapati can be added ? All 6 cards(Raja, Rani, Chor, Police, Mantri, and Senapati) can be upgraded to a newer version which is a surprise for users. The upgrade cards will have more points. ? Emoji stickers can be used to tease other players during the game ? Three different chests that surprise users with rewards. Are you excited to try it out and play this luck-cum-guessing game? It is free to play. What are you waiting for? Download this amazing game “Raja Rani Chor Police” and experience the thrill of bluffing and guessing it right. *********************** SAY HELLO *********************** We are constantly working hard on making the “Raja Rani Chor Police” game better and more entertaining for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hi. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the game, do rate us on play store. Tell your friends how much you have enjoyed playing the “Raja Rani Chor Police” game.


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